AHS and Affiliates

Physicians, clinicians and staff that work for Alberta Health Services, AHS Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, and AHS Affiliates, use the Identity & Access Management (IAM) system to request access to Alberta Netcare, including access to PIN and PD.  

Anyone with an AHS network username and password can use IAM to submit an Alberta Netcare access request.  Each request must be approved by the requester’s manager or a pre-approved Alberta Netcare Authorized Approver. To learn how to use the IAM system, please refer to the documents below.         

For assistance, please refer to the AHS service desk for your zone here.      


AHS IAM End-User Release Notes

End-User Release notes explaining system Updates:

180- Day ANP Account Disabling Fact Sheet

Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) 180-day inactive access account disabling.

All IAM access requests require an IAM Authorized Approver.  Click here for info



IAM Security Profile Set Up Guide

This is a one-time step that gives you access to IAM's forms and features. 



AHS IAM Self-Serve Password Reset & Account Unlock User Guide

Reset your AHS network password or unlock your AHS network account (requires a Security Profile)

AHS IAM Network Access Requests (NAR) User Guide

For: AHS network requests, shared directory folder requests, and terminations.