Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) User Guide

The purpose of this self-directed User Guide is to provide you with practice in accessing a patientĺs Electronic Health Record (EHR) via the Alberta Netcare PortaláTraining Environment. TheáTraining Environment allows you to practice tasks before actually working in the LIVE production environment. The learning activities in the User Guide require between 20-30 minutes of your time.

Click here to access the User Guide for Getting Started in Alberta Netcare Portal

User Guide Contents

  • Log into the Alberta Netcare PortaláTraining Environment
  • Search, Open and View Electronic Health Records
  • View theáMedication Profile
  • Locate, View and Print a Single Lab Result, View and Printáa Cumulative Result and Locate and Graph Lab Results
  • Locate, View and Print a Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Result
  • Search for Specific Results
  • Locate and View a Flowsheet
  • View Patient Event History
  • View PatientáImmunization History
  • Locate, View and Print Medication and Dispensing Information
  • View Eligibility in Person Directory (PD)
  • Log Out of the Alberta Netcare PortaláTraining Environment

Setup Guide

The purpose of the Setup Guide is to assist you with the setup of your Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) account. Activities in the Setup Guide will require approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Highlights from the Setup Guide include; accessing the login page, creating a password, configuring the Homepage/My Details, synchronizing passwords and service desk contact information.