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Welcome to Alberta Netcare

Alberta Netcare, known as the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR), is a secure and confidential electronic system.  It is accessible to health professionals and contains Albertans’ personal health information.
  • Health professionals access and input patient information in Alberta Netcare online by registering as an authorized user. 
  • Albertans may request a paper copy of their provincial health record from Alberta Netcare. 
  • Albertans may view some of their health information drawn from Alberta Netcare by registering for a MyHealth Records account.  

MyHealth Records is a Personal Health Record for Albertans to access some of their health information, such as lab results, medications, and immunizations drawn from Alberta Netcare.  MyHealth Records also provides access to several health and wellness tools to help track and maintain overall health.

Electronic Health Record- is a secure and confidential electronic system that collects and stores health information.  It is made up of many connected components, which together deliver health care providers key patient information at the point of care.

Alberta Netcare- is Alberta’s provincial Electronic Health Record. 

Personal Health Record (PHR)- is an electronic, lifelong resource of health information needed by individuals to make health decisions. Individuals own and manage the information in the PHR, which comes from healthcare providers and the individual. The PHR is maintained in a secure and private environment, with the individual determining rights of access. The PHR does not replace the legal record of any provider. (American Health Information Management Association).

Electronic Medical Record- is a computer-based patient record specific to a single clinical practice, such as a family health team or group practice. In clinical settings where there are a number of doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and other health care professionals, EMRs can improve communication between them and support productivity. EMRs can also improve communication between health care providers and patients, positively impacting health outcomes and patient safety. (Canada Health Infoway)

How to Use this Website

  • Learn more about Alberta Netcare, and how it benefits you. Read the information in the “Information for Albertans” section of this website.
  • Are you a health professional? Learn more about using Alberta Netcare in the “For Health Professionals” section of this website.
  • Learn more about current and future projects that will enhance our provincial EHR, in the “Projects” section of this website.
  • Information on usage statistics, news, and information for researchers is available in the “More EHR” section of this website.

Programs and Services

For Albertans:

How your record is protected 
Information about how patient records in Alberta Netcare are kept private and secure.

How to request a copy of your Alberta Netcare record 
There is no direct access for patients at this time, but Albertans have the option to request a copy of their record.

Get Access to personal health and wellness management tools:


For Health Professionals

Register for Alberta Netcare 
Information about the registration process for physicians, pharmacists and registered nurses.

Refresher training 
For registered Alberta Netcare users who would like to brush up on their skills or learn to use new functions.