Registration / Deployment

Alberta Netcare has an eHealth Netcare Support Services Team to assist health professionals with the Alberta Netcare registration process.

If your site already has EHR access, contact your manager (AHS) or access administrator (community) for a user ID and password. Or, you can contact the eHealth Netcare Support Team at 1-855-643-8649 or email:

eHealth Consultants work with each site to ensure that it meets the requirements for accessing Alberta Netcare. This includes assessing the technical requirements and organizational processes. The consultants will also identify training requirements and help new users learn to use the EHR effectively to support their work. The following steps must be completed before access will be granted.


Step 1: Contact the eHealth Netcare Support Services Team

When you contact the eHealth Netcare Support Services Team, an eHealth Consultant will be assigned to work with you and your staff.

Phone (toll free) 1-855-643-8649

Step 2: Complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

The PIA is an important process where the sites’ information custodian identifies and addresses potential privacy risks that may occur at their site. A PIA must be completed whenever personal health information is collected, used, and/or disclosed. Once completed, the PIA is submitted to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) which is required before registration can occur.  

Find out how to complete a PIA by reading the Expedited Alberta Netcare PIA Instructions and Summary 

While Alberta Netcare Portal PIAs follow the expedited process linked above, you may wish to refer to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner’s PIA Requirements for reference. You will need to follow these Requirements for PIAs related to your own systems.  Please use the expedited PIA instructions linked above for your Alberta Netcare Portal PIA submission. 

View the Privacy Impact Assessment Requirements documentation published by the OIPC


Step 3: Identify Roles and Responsibilities

The eHealth Consultant will complete a terms of reference which defines roles and responsibilities, implementation processes and timelines for deployment.

Step 4: Complete a Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (p-ORA)

The pORA is a risk assessment instrument that describes the site’s technical, administrative and physical security controls. A pORA is required for community sites that are operating outside of Alberta Health Services to gain access to Alberta Netcare Portal and/or regional systems. Once completed, the pORA is submitted to the Alberta Health Security Team in the HIA Policy, Privacy and Security Unit. Please note that a site must have an accepted PIA and signed IMA for their pORA to be approved. The deployment team will provide a copy of the template and help you complete your pORA.

Find out how to complete a pORA by reading the pORA factsheet.


Step 5: Review Information Exchange Protocol (IEP)

Your eHealth Consultant will provide you with a copy of the Alberta Netcare IEP. The IEP establishes the specific rules that all users must follow when accessing information through the EHR. It is important for the sites’ information custodian(s) to read and fully understand these rules, because they will be responsible for making sure that everyone at their facility understands and follows them. The rules contained within the IEP expand upon the obligations as documented in the Health Information Act (HIA).

Learn more about the HIA and the responsibilities of information custodians.

Step 6: Sign an Information Manager Agreement (IMA)

The sites’ information custodian(s) must sign an IMA, agreeing to abide by the rules of the IEP. 

Learn more about the IMA by reading the IMA/IEP factsheet.

Step 7: Complete A Technical Assessment

The eHealth Consultant will conduct an assessment to ensure that your site meets the minimum hardware, software, and network requirements for accessing the EHR. They will also perform a connectivity test to the EHR.

Step 8: Identify the Access Administrator

In addition to a custodian, each site must have an access administrator who will be responsible for managing user accounts. The access administrator is responsible for creating and renewing user accounts, assigning permission levels and disable user permissions when a staff member leaves.

Step 9: Preparation for “Go-Live” and Training

The eHealth Consultant will assess workflow in order to customize the training for your site. Once the new user accounts are set up, the eHealth Consultant will deliver the SecureID remote access tokens that are required for each user to log on to the EHR. Role-based training will be available to all of the new users at your site.  

Step 10: Provide proof of PIA acceptance

On the condition the above steps have been met, Alberta Health allows Alberta Netcare Portal deployment to proceed at the custodian’s site after the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) has received their PIA.  Following Alberta Netcare Portal deployment, custodians must ensure that their PIA is accepted by the OIPC.  Custodians must provide a copy of their PIA acceptance letter from the OIPC to the eHSS team as proof of acceptance.  If the custodian’s PIA has not been accepted within 8 months, Alberta Health reserves the right to terminate the custodian’s access to Alberta Netcare.

Ongoing Support

The eHealth Consultant will continue to support you as you learn to use the EHR. Additional training and trouble shooting is always available.

Alberta Netcare also offers an online learning centre that provides a variety of materials that will help you gain the maximum benefits from using the EHR. The 24-hour learning centre includes: quick reference cards, e-Demos, e-Exercises, FAQs and a learning environment. The learning environment is a simulated Alberta Netcare Portal where you can practice EHR tasks using anonymized sample patient records.