Registration / Deployment

If you are working at an AHS facility and have Netcare registration questions, please contact your AHS manager or the AHS IT Service Desk.

The steps below are for community facilities to gain access to Netcare

If your community facility would like access to Alberta Netcare, eHealth Services will work with each community healthcare facility to ensure that it meets the requirements for accessing Alberta Netcare. This includes assessing the technical requirements, organizational processes, and training requirements. 

Step 1: Contact the eHealth Services Provider Support


When you contact the eHealth Services Provider Support, an eHealth Consultant will be assigned to work with you and your staff.

Phone (toll free) 1-855-643-8649 

Step 2: Complete a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)




Review these documents: ANP PIA (OIPC file#H3879) and Summary of the Expedited PIA Process for Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP).



Make sure your privacy policies are up-to date and reflect your current systems, practices and privacy and security management.

Tip: Contact your health professional college/association to get a model policy set you can customize.



Individualize the OIPC ANP PIA Custodian Cover Letter template.



Submit your OIPC ANP PIA Custodian Cover Letter and your HIA Policies to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Tip: Send your PIA via courier and request a signed receipt or email your PIA to the Commissioner at Both of these options provide proof that your PIA has been submitted.




Email the eHealth Services team at: confirming that your ANP PIA has been submitted to the OIPC, attaching a scan of your signed cover letter.         




When you receive a PIA acceptance letter from the OIPC, provide a scanned copy via email to the eHealth Services team at

Tip: Ongoing ANP access is contingent on OIPC acceptance of your PIA. The eHSS team follows up with you if we don't receive a copy of your PIA acceptance letter within 8 months.            

  • Under the HIA, custodians have a duty to prepare and submit a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to the Information and Privacy Commissioner before implementing new systems. 
  • Alberta Health has established an Expedited PIA process for custodians that participate in ANP.

Support information:

  1. To see the overview of Alberta’s Electronic Health Record Information System (EHRIS), click here.
  2. To read a full Quick Reference document with instructions for the Expedited PIA process for ANP, click here.

For any questions contact:

eHealth Services

Phone (toll free): 1-855-643-8649


Step 3: Complete a Provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA)



Your eHealth Consultant will provide you with a copy of the assessment form.



Work with your eHealth Consultant to complete the responses for the required sections.



Your eHealth Consultant submits the pORA for you to the Security Team of the HIA Policy, Privacy and Security Unit of Alberta Health for review and approval.



Once Alberta Health agrees that all responses meet appropriate security standards, the custodian from your site signs the pORA



The Alberta Health Security Manager signs the pORA, acknowledging the custodian has met the minimum security standards and can proceed with the next step in gaining access to Alberta Netcare Portal.


 Tip: The pORA pertains to community sites only. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has already completed a verification of the necessary security requirements. As a result, AHS sites, do not need to complete the pORA.
  • The provincial Organizational Readiness Assessment (pORA) is a risk assessment for custodians that request access to ANP and other provincial systems when practicing outside of an Alberta Health Services (AHS) facility.
  • Under the Health Information Act (HIA) custodians are responsible for safeguarding the medical records and other health information they collect, use and disclose.

Support information:

1.     To review pORA Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

For more information about the pORA contact the HIA Help Desk:

Phone: 780-427-8089


To move forward with the implementation contact eHealth Services:

Phone: 1-855-643-8649



Step 4: Sign an Informational Manager Agreement (IMA) & Review Information Exchange Protocol (IEP)


Your eHealth Consultant will provide you with a copy of an IMA and IEP.            


Prior to getting access to Alberta Netcare, the sites’ custodian(s) must sign, date and mail the original signed IMA to Albert Health, agreeing to abide by the rules of the Information Exchange Protocol (IEP). The IMA original signed copy must be mailed to Alberta Health for review.

Learn more about the IMA by reading the IMA/IEP factsheet.


The IEP establishes the specific rules that all users must follow when accessing information through the EHR. It is important for the sites’ custodian(s) to read and fully understand these rules, because they will be responsible for making sure that everyone at their facility understands and follows them. The rules contained within the IEP expand upon the obligations as documented in the Health Information Act (HIA).

Learn more about the HIA and the responsibilities of information custodians.

Step 5: eHealth Training Team will contact the Facility to begin the Training Steps

After all privacy and security work is complete, an eHealth consultant will be contacting the site to set up at least one Netcare Access Administrator (AA) who will be responsible for authorizing Netcare accounts. The Netcare AA is responsible for managing ANP user accounts, assigning ANP permission levels and disabling user permissions when a staff member leaves their facility. The AHS RSA SecurID remote token is required for each Netcare user to log in to Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) and is part of the Netcare access request. Netcare AAs that are using the AHS IAM system to manage Netcare user access electronically, will also require a remote token. They may use the same token for both Netcare access and AHS IAM.

The eHealth Services team provides Netcare AA training so Netcare AAs can understand their roles and responsibilities and ensure their facility can successfully access Netcare. On-going self-directed, role-based training will be available to all Netcare AA roles and Netcare users at your facility.