Student Education Services

Student Education Services (SES) is a collaboration between Alberta Health and post secondary institutions. The goal is to teach future health care providers to use Alberta Netcare and to help post-secondary institutions integrate it into their curriculum.

What does our program look like?

A typical training session will run approximately 1.5–2 hours in length, depending on the number of students involved.

  • The first half of the session will provide an overview of Alberta Netcare and privacy/security awareness.
  • The second half of the session consists of hands-on training in a simulated Alberta Netcare Portal environment, accompanied by a case-based navigational exercise. Hands-on training requires a computer lab with a projector and screen.
  • If an institution wishes their students to have live access to Alberta Netcare during their practicum placement this may be arranged if the students will be spending a minimum of 4 weeks at one site. 
  • Additional materials can be requested by the institution.

How will students benefit? 

Alberta Netcare instruction will provide students with:

  • “hands-on” experience in the classroom and/or placement practicum;
  • the capability, competence and confidence to use electronic data and information as a practice- enhancing tool; and
  • an understanding of how theory is represented in a “real world” context.

Why do we offer training to students?

Students training in health related professions are the next generation of Alberta Netcare users. These students are technologically literate and comfortable integrating technology with their lives and careers. They are future agents of change in their industry and will impact the technologies that support them.


To request an information session or a demonstration of the training environment, please contact our eHealth Services team



Participating Programs

Academy of Learning

  • Medical Office Assistant Program (6 campuses)

Bow Valley College

  • Health Unit Coordinator / Medical Office Assistant Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Program

CDI College

  • Pharmacy Assistant Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Program
  • Unit Clerk Program


  • Health and Life Sciences 

MacEwan University

  • Medical Office Assistant Program

Medical Reception College

  • Medical Office Assistant Program

Medicine Hat College

  • Practical Nurse Program


  • Medical Office Assistant Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Program
  • Unit Clerk Program

Red Deer College

  • Unit Clerk Program
  • Pharmacy Technician Program

Reeves College

  • Medical Office Assistant Program

Robertson College

  • Medical Office Assistant Program (New!)
  • Pharmacy Technician Program
  • Unit Clerk Program (New!)


  • Health Information Manager Program
  • Medical Office Assistant Program
  • Transcriptionist Program

University of Alberta

  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Integrated Dietetic Internship Program
  • Nurse Practitioner Program

University of Calgary

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Nurse Practitioner Program

To arrange an information session or demo of our training environment, please contact the eHealth Services Team at: 1-855-643-8649