How Do You Benefit?

Alberta Netcare improves the quality and safety of patient care, in a number of ways:

Better diagnoses and treatments

When health professionals have access to all of your important health information, they are able to make the best choices about your health care.

Faster health services

When all of your key health information is available in one place, health professionals donít have to phone other facilities to get the information they need to treat you. When this information is available almost instantly, decisions can be made faster, which means you donít wait as long for diagnosis and treatment.

Fewer duplicate tests

When health professionals can see the results from your recent lab and imaging tests, they donít have to re-order the same tests. This saves you another trip to a testing facility, and in the case of imaging, reduces your exposure to radiation.

Avoid potential allergy or drug interactions

Alberta Netcare contains drug and allergy alerts, which will inform the health professional if a medication they are thinking about giving you will have an adverse reaction with your allergies or another medication that you are already taking.

In the event of an emergency

If you are unable to remember or communicate about medications you are taking or about a recent surgery or treatment, your EHR will tell your health service providers what they need to know.

For those with chronic conditions

The EHR helps keep all of your health service providers on the same page Ė shared information helps build a shared understanding of your health.

For those in remote areas

When youíre visiting facilities in both rural and urban areas, itís important that all of the health professionals who are providing you with care understand what the others are doing. This will help them work together to provide you with the best health care.

Why We Need EHRs

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