Alberta Netcare Myths

Alberta Netcare receives and answers a lot of questions from Albertans about the EHR, how it functions and how information is kept safe. There are some common misunderstandings that lead to the creation of “myths.” This section will address some of these myths.

Myth 1: Everyone can get access to Alberta Netcare

Access to the EHR is granted on a “need-to-know” basis to health professionals. This means that only people that need to see health information to do their jobs may have access. In addition to this, there are 21 different permission levels.

Each permission level allows an individual to see certain parts of Alberta Netcare. For example, if a health professional only needs to see demographic information for admitting purposes, that is the only information that person will be allowed to see. Doctors, on the other hand, need all of the information that is available to provide patient care, so they have access to the entire record.

Myth 2: Since Alberta Netcare is on the Internet, hackers will be able to get in

The EHR is accessed using a secure online connection. Numerous security safeguards are in place to make sure that your information is safe. The security controls used to protect information in Alberta Netcare are based on international standards and best practices.

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