Central Patient Attachment Registry

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The Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) is a provincial system that captures the confirmed relationship between a primary provider and their paneled patients, as well as the formal affiliations between patients and a Clinical Alternative Relationship Program.     


Affiliation - The two-way, voluntary relationship between a patient and a Program, for the purpose of determining the capitation payment element for the model’s compensation structure.

Attachment - An attachment is the expression of a continuous and longitudinal relationship between patients and their primary provider(s).

Panel – The set of patients attached to a specific primary provider 

Primary Provider - The provider(s) mainly responsible for providing comprehensive primary health care longitudinally over time to a panel of patients.

Program - Delivery of Program services by a participating physician practicing in a team-based environment to a target patient population funded through an Alternative Relationship Plan.

Roster - The set of all patients affiliated to a given Program, in accordance with applicable business rules.