Community Information Integration (CII) & Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR)

CII/CPAR is the chosen vehicle to integrate community EMRs with two-way data flow. Community Information Integration (CII) is a system that transfers select patient information between community Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and other members of the patientís care team through Alberta Netcare. The Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) is a provincial system that captures the confirmed relationship of a primary provider and their paneled patients.††††

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  • Enables sharing of important healthcare information between the patientís family physician and other providers in the patientís circle of care†
  • Facilitates sharing of consultation reports back to the patientís family physician and other providers
  • Identifies relationships between patients and the primary provider most responsible for their overall care
  • Allows for primary providers to identify and coordinate when patients are on multiple panels and therefore, will enable validated patient-provider information to be made available on Alberta Netcare Portal
  • Supports automatic notification of primary providers when their patient has a hospitalization or ED visit
  • Identifies patientsí Primary Provider from CPAR Albertanís Netcare record

Physician Experiences:

Listen to Dr. Janet Craig, Family Physician & Edmonton Zone AMA Physician Champion explain how eNotifications enabled better patient care coordination:

You can find additional videos and physician experiences using CII/CPAR on the AMA ACTT Website.

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General† FAQs and additional information can be found here:†††
CII-CPAR Information Sheet
CII-CPAR FAQs††† † †

For more information about CII/CPAR, or to enroll, please visit:††
AMA ACTT CII-CPAR page for Primary Care† †
AMA ACTT CII-CPAR page for Specialists††

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CII-CPAR Project page