Additional Resources

This page contains links to additional resources you will need.  

Click here to get information on role-based training offered by the eHealth Support Services Team.
This is a practice environment that simulates the Alberta Netcare information and functionality. Whether you are just learning how to use the system, or would like to explore and discover something new, the training environment is a perfect place to develop your skills. 
  • Learn by Role
This page allows you to view all of the training materials that are relevant to your Alberta Netcare Portal User Role. Whether you are under Administration, Clinical or Pharmacy, all applicable learning material will be covered in an accessible format. This section will also cover how to easily locate your ANP User Role.  
This section provides material on applications and topics that are only available within the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Network.   



Includes contact information for the Learning Centre, Registration or Training requests for Alberta Netcare, Alberta Netcare Helpdesks, RSA Remote Token Support and the Health Information Act Helpdesk.