Bugs & Drugs

Bugs & Drugs reference is available on the Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) inside the "Clinical eTOOLS" menu. All users of Alberta Netcare can now view and access the contents related to Bugs & Drugs.

Bugs & Drugs® is a comprehensive, evidence-based point-of-care reference for physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals. It provides health care practitioners with recommendations for the appropriate use of antimicrobials and the optimal treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. It is a key component of antimicrobial stewardship efforts and its use can help to optimize patient outcomes and minimize the unintended consequences of antimicrobial use, including toxicity, super-infections, resistance, and unnecessary costs. Information in this reference is updated regularly based on current literature and antibiotic availability.

Table of Contents

  1. Antibiotics
  2. Treatment recommendations for infections in children and adults, including selected ophthalmic, fungal, and parasitic infections
  3. Recommendations for the prevention of infections
  4. Treatment and prophylaxis of dental infections
  5. Use of antibiotics in pregnancy/lactation
  6. Microbiology

Bugs & Drugs® is also available as a mobile application compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.For more information on how toaccess these apps, click on http://www.bugsanddrugs.ca/