EMR Support Services

Implementing an EMR

There are a number of items to be considered before implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) in a clinic that can make the process easier. There are also a lot of options and responsibilities when it comes to inputting and protecting patient information.

A few tips to help with the process:

  • Research should start with speaking to colleagues about their experiences with an EMR and if they have any recommendations.
  • Invest the time to clearly identify what the clinic needs the EMR to do and how this may affect the processes in the clinic. This will help in selecting the most suitable EMR.
  • Take the time to plan and prepare for the change.
  • Understand exactly what is in the agreement/contract with the EMR vendor selected.
  •  Put the proper processes in place to manage privacy, security and clinic data; an EMR will change the way patient information is managed.

Services available

  1. EMR Selection and Implementation Advisory Services includes assistance with:
  2. Privacy and Security Advisory Services includes assistance with:
  3. Data Migration and Retention Advisory Services includes assistance with:
  4. Obtaining Credits information:




Contact information

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