Alberta Health Services (AHS) Resources

This sectionprovides material on applications and topicsthat are only availablewithin the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Network.

AHS - Calgary:

  • Local System Access
    If you use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Pharmacy Practice Management System (PPMS), learn more on how to acess Alberta Netcare directly from your local system.
  • How to Login to ANP Using Citrix Software
    Review this Quick Reference document to learn the step-by-step instructions on how to launch Alberta Netcare from a site in the community using Citrix software.

AHS - Edmonton:

  • Alberta Netcare Portal Patient Lists
    Patient Lists is a search tool in Alberta Netcare Portal that retrieves pre-populated lists of patients for the AHS-Edmonton. Search for a Patient List by; Provider, Care Group, Care Unit, Care Unit List, Program-Inpatients, Program-Outpatients, Inpatients Program List or Outpatients Program List. Learn how to set up and use Patient Lists by clicking on the Help icon at the top left of the screen within Alberta Netcare Portal.