Access Alberta Netcare


Access to Alberta Netcare Electronic Health Record applications is granted on a need to know basis. This means that access is only provided to people who need it to do their job. This applies to the types of information that users may access. Permission levels will vary depending on each individual's role.          

There are three methods of accessing Alberta Netcare: through a secure AHS location, remote access through a web browser or local system access (EMR or pharmacy system). 

For Alberta Health Services users and affiliates:     

For community users accessing outside of AHS:   

  • To start the registration process, please contact the eHealth Services Team.

For students

How to Manage my Netcare Account

Click here to open Manage my Netcare Account Toolkit.

Setup Guides 

The purpose of the Setup Guide is to assist you with the setup of your Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) account. Activities in the Setup Guide will require approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Alberta Health Services Access and Setup Guides    

  • Use the AHS IAM Access Request Guide to complete, submit and approve the new AHS Alberta Netcare User Access Request form in the AHS Identity & Access Management (IAM) system.
  • Once you have your Alberta Netcare access credentials, use the AHS Access Setup Guide to set up Alberta Netcare to your unique identity and preferences.

Highlights from the Setup Guide include; accessing the login page, creating a password, configuring the Homepage/My Details, synchronizing passwords and service desk contact information.

Who gets access to Alberta Netcare?

Alberta Netcare access is based on a user role and profession. Access permissions are set up to ensure you have enough information available for you to do your job, and that information is accessed only on a need to know basis. Only authorized users with the appropriate permissions may access Alberta Netcare and its associated EHR components (such as PD and PIN).

An authorized user is a Custodian or Affiliate (as defined in the Health Information Act (HIA)) who has been granted access. Generally, this is the person who, in the normal course of their duties, has a business need to view and/or update a patientís EHR, such as:

  • Viewing a patientís test results or current medications.
  • Updating a patientís demographic information.
  • Prescribing or dispensing a medication.
  • Recording an allergy or intolerance.

What are the Alberta Netcare guidelines for authorized custodian and affiliate access?

  • Provide clarity to authorized custodians who may approve their affiliates' access to the Alberta Netcare EHR.
  • Ensure privacy and security safeguards are implemented for the Alberta Netcare EHR.
  • Assist authorized custodians to identify their roles and responsibilities in relation to other members of staff.
  • Provide guidance on custodian-affiliate relationships that may be formed in order to assist authorized custodians in discharging their duties under the Health Information Act (HIA).††

How do I register for Alberta Netcare?

A number of steps must be completed before access to Alberta Netcare is granted. Visit the Registration/Deployment page†on the Alberta Netcare EHR website for information on the registration process for physicians, pharmacists and registered nurses.

Local System Access

If you use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Pharmacy Practice Management System (PPMS), you may have the option to access Alberta Netcare information directly from your local system. You have two options: access Alberta Netcare Portal or integrate your local system with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) in real-time.

Launch Alberta Netcare from your EMR or PPMS

With this function, you can click a button to move over to Alberta Netcare Portal in context of your current patient. Login once and you will stay logged into Alberta Netcare, as long as youíre still logged in to your local system. This can increase the ease and efficiency of using both systems as part of your daily workflow.

If you have one of the following systems contact your vendor to activate this function:

Eligible Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems:

  • Telus Wolf, Telus PS-Suite
  • Med Access
  • Microquest
  • Optimed
  • Telin
  • Jetlyt
  • Jonoke

Eligible Alberta Health Services (AHS) Clinical Systems:

  • Sunrise Clinical Manager (Calgary)
  • Meditech (Rural)
  • eClinician (Edmonton)

Eligible Pharmacy Practice Management Systems:

  • Kroll

Real-Time Integration

If you use a real-time integrated Pharmacy Practice Management System (PPMS), you can view your patients' EHR Medication Profile directly in your local system. New records added to your system are automatically sent to the Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) in real time. You can also download patient demographic information and set up a new patient record in your local system using the Provincial Client Registry (PCR).

If you use Kroll PPMS, contact your vendor to activate this function.

Continue to Login to Alberta Netcare for links to log into Alberta Netcare from a AHS location or a community health care location.