EMR Data Management

The patient records must be retained to meet the CPSA’s Standards of Practice – Patient Records.All patient records need to be securely stored and accessible for at least 10 years after the patient’s last visit (or for young patients, for at least two years after they turn 18). Even if the technology changes, the information must still be readable.”

This section provides resources to aid in assessing the current state of the clinic’s records (custodian assessment), considerations for disposing of hardware and information, and includes information on how a data transfer into the new EMR might occur.

When a clinic implements an EMR, regardless of whether it has a paper-based clinic or is using another EMR, the clinic will need to perform data management activities. Data management is the approach to transferring (data migration) and/or retaining (records retention) patient demographic and clinical data. The data management process includes extraction, loading and retention of patient-related data. 

Data Management Handbook  PDF icon This document provides the information needed to choose the appropriate data management solution. 
Data Management Contracting Terms Tips PDF icon A tip sheet to assist the clinic and the vendor(s) in developing a data management contract. 
Custodial Assessment report template – Patient records PDF icon This report is designed to assist the clinic in making informed decisions and to identify deployment risks and mitigation strategies surrounding data management for patient records. 
Hardware and information disposal PDF icon Information on how to properly dispose of hardware and electronic health information when changing existing or implementing a new EMR.