Selecting an EMR

EMR Demonstrations

Once the specific business requirements have been defined, electronic medical record (EMR) vendors can be considered to find a best fit to meet the clinic's needs.

Attending an EMR vendor demonstration will provide a basic understanding of how the EMR works and its capabilities, functionality and benefits. All staff in the clinic who will be using the EMR will find the demonstration valuable.

As understanding of the EMR options improves, some of the business requirements identified prior may be reclassified as lower priority, while new requirements and priorities may emerge. There may also be differences in the way that each EMR supports functions that are critical to the clinic.

Before the Demonstration

  • Select the best evaluation method for the clinic: deliberations, evaluation scorecard, requirements checklist PDF icon .
  • Assign one person or a small team to make the final decision. This is an important choice that will affect the way the clinic operates and will impact the way staff work together.

During the Demonstration

  • Pay attention to how much time is spent keying and clicking, particularly when entering a chart and in the screens that will be used frequently in the clinic.
  • Review how tasks are assigned and how hand-offs between staff take place in the clinic. Observe how these same workflows may be accomplished in the EMR.
  • Ask how to create a form or letter that includes data that is stored on the system use an example from the clinic.\

Preparing for a Vendor Demo

  • Demonstration ChecklistPDF icon : A List of considerations when choosing an EMR.
  • ASP EnvironmentPDF icon : Security Features: Information regarding storing data in a central data centre not within the clinic.

Questions to consider when preparing for a vendor demo

  1. Determine who should attend? Who are representative users and decision makers?
  2. Where would the Demo happen (venue)? How much time is required from start to finish? Choose the best available time slot for your staff.
  3. What equipment is needed, who brings what? Ensure equipment is suitable for the audience size and venue.