Community Information Integration (CII)

Community Information Integration

The Community Information Integration (CII) project is currently in a limited production roll out. Patient information can now be uploaded from participating community clinics to Alberta Netcare and the AH data analytics environment. This new IT service supports secure transmission of discrete data elements as well as EMR specialist reports in the form of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents generated by the clinic. 

The information uploaded to Alberta Netcare from the community physician’s EMR is set out in the Health Information Standards Committee for Alberta (HISCA) EMR Data Content Standard. This includes patient demographics, provider information, clinic location as well as diagnosis, clinical observations (immunizations, allergies, blood pressure, height, weight, etc.) and treatment information.

Future phases of the CII project will expand the scope of information sharing to include additional data elements and clinical reports.

For current CII data availability, click here.  

Learning Material

A variety of learning resources have been developed to answer questions about CII. Visit the Learning Centre to view quick reference sheets and FAQs.

Current Status

The CII project is looking for Family Practice and Specialist clinics to participate in the limited production roll out and testing of the new IT service. Healthquest (Microquest) EMR support is now available. TELUS Med Access, Wolf, and PS Suite EMR support begins January, 2019.

The CII team is proud to announce that we have received the Canadian Health Informatics Award from the Information Technology Association of Canada. The award honours digital health leaders, who are reimagining healthcare delivery in Canada.  Martin Tailleur, CII Project Sponsor: "We are extremely proud to be recognized for our work, and to be associated with these leaders and organizations in the digital health field".  To view and learn more about our award, please click here and scroll down to the Alberta Health logo.

To participate in the CII limited production roll out, please contact the eHealth Support Services  (eHSS) Team.


      eHealth Netcare Support Services (eHSS) Team

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