Canada Health Infoway is working with Health Canada, the provinces and territories, industry stakeholders and private sector companies to design, operate and maintain a multi-jurisdiction e-prescribing service, known as PrescribeIT™.

The PrescribeIT™ program will provide safer and more effective medication management by connecting prescribers through their existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR), to community retail pharmacies, through their existing Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS). This will enable the electronic transmission of prescriptions and facilitate prescriber and pharmacy clinical communications.  


The objectives of PrescribeIT are:   

  • Improve patient safety and continuity of care; 
  • Provide greater accuracy and fewer errors in filling prescriptions;
  • Safer drug use and stronger medication compliance for better health outcomes;
  • Reduce fraud and abuse, especially for narcotics and other controlled substances, through more secure prescribing and improved data for narcotics monitoring programs; and
  • Optimize federal and provincial/territorial investments in existing jurisdictional drug information systems.


Current Status

Alberta Health, along with Ontario Health, agreed to participate in the PrescribeIT™ project as an early adopter jurisdiction.

  • Limited Production Rollout (LPR) and testing/evaluation of the initial product is scheduled to take place during 2018 through three releases of business functionality. 
  • Infoway has contracted TELUS Health to implement and operate the PrescribeIT™ service.  Separate agreements are being signed with Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Management System vendors who will integrate PrescribeIT™ functionality into their products.
  • The Alberta team has been working collaboratively with the PrescribeIT™ team to provide integration with provincial systems for identity authentication and prescription data to the Alberta drug information system, Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN).
  • Alberta Health is working with the Alberta College of Pharmacists, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Alberta Pharmacists Association and the Alberta Medical Association to ensure appropriate regulation and standard operating procedures are in place. This includes an irrefutable electronic signature on the prescription.
  • Infoway has chosen Lethbridge as their LPR community and the first sites are being approached to determine interest in participation. 

As of January 2018 two clinics and 3 pharmacies have successfully gone live with the PrescribeIT service in the city of Lethbridge with additional activations being planned for February and March 2018.

The initial release of PrescribeIT™ allows prescribers and pharmacists to:

  • Create prescriptions
  • Send prescriptions electronically to the patient’s pharmacy of choice
  • Renew prescriptions 

Future Developments

Development is underway on the next major releases of PrescribeIT™ which includes:

  • Continued integration with the EMR/PMS systems.
  • Functionality enhancements including deferred prescription delivery, cancel prescription, clinical communications tool (between prescriber and pharmacist).
  • Integration with the public drug formulary provided by Alberta Blue Cross. 
  • Provincial integration release providing prescription data to PIN.