Current Status

The EHR is a dynamic network of systems which represent each domain. Together they create a provincial record of patient's key health information. The EHR is constantly evolving in response to the changing needs of the health system, and drawing upon new technologies as they emerge.

Drug Domain

Alberta's community pharamacies are mandated to contribute their dispense data. Approximately 96% of the drug dispenses from community pharmacies are available in the EHR.

The next major development for this domain will be to launch electronic prescribing or e-Prescribe, which will see community physicians entering a prescription into the EHR, and pharmacies dispensing against that prescription.

Laboratory Domain

Approximately 99% of all public and private laboratory facilities are submitting information to the EHR. Currently, Alberta Netcare is working on a Laboratory Information System Standards and Terminology Adoption project, which will standardize the transmission of data to the EHR, and will improve the quality and reliability of laboratory data.

Diagnostic Imaging Domain

The Diagnostic Imaging project (involving X-rays, ultrasounds) achieved a 100% filmless environment for all hospitals in Alberta in 2009. These images were made available province-wide through the implementation of a Provincial Image Viewer in June 2011. In 2014 Alberta Health Services implemented a provincial voice recognition system and a provincial diagnostic imaging 3D reconstruction application. Approximately 95% of diagnostic imaging facilities are providing information to the provincial EHR. Read more about Diagnostic Images in the EHR.

Personal Health Portal

In 2018, the Personal Health Record will become available to all Albertans. When launched, the Personal Health Record will provide Albertans with access to their health information, and certain information from Alberta Netcare. Access to the Personal Health Record will occur through the website, which became available in 2011. Read more about