Access Administrators (AA)

An Access Administrator (AA) is the primary contact person who liaises with Alberta Health (AH) at a facility. Access Administrator responsibilities include:

  • ANP Account Management and Access Control: Ensure user access to confidential health information is properly administered and given only to those who need access to perform their jobs. As such, this person is responsible for user registrations, amendments and deletions for access to Alberta Netcare.
  • Information Security Awareness: Ensure users are trained about information security and privacy issues related to Alberta Netcare. Access Administrators may be required to assist the custodian who is responsible to ensure that users protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of health information.
  • Reporting Information Security Incidents or Problems: Assist in investigation of potential information security or privacy breaches in Alberta Netcare.

Access Administrator (AA) User Guide

The AA User Guide provides Access Administrators with tools to assist them in successfully carrying out their responsibilities for managing Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) user permissions and providing appropriate support for access authorization.

User Guide Contents:
  • Appointing an Access Administrator
  • Access Administrator responsibilities
  • Information security awareness
  • Reporting information security incidents or problems

Contactthe eHealth Support Team for access to the Access Administrator User Guide.