eReferral eDemos

eDemos provide visual demonstrations on how to complete key tasks in the application. The following eDemos are focused oneReferraland it's main components. Hover-over a topic of interest for a brief description and click on the link to open the eDemo.

Create an Advice Request

Learn how to create an Advice Request.

Manage Triage Referrals

Instructions on how to triage, review and respond to an advice request

How to Add eReferral to the Homepage

Learn how to configure the Alberta Netcare Portal Homepage to include eReferral information such as "My Referrals" or "Triage Referrals".

How to Customize My Details

Learn how to customize My Details to personalize the Health Services Catalogue (HSC) screen and the number of days referrals are kept on your My Referrals list.

How to Set Up My Details as a Referring Provider

Learn how to set up My Details as a referring provider so that contact information for your practice is auto-populated on referrals.

How to Set Up My Details on Behalf of a Referring Provider

Learn how to set up My Details to auto-populate contact information on referrals for every provider you refer on behalf of.

How to Respond to a Request for Additional Information

Learn how to reply to a request for additional information.

How to Use the Health Services Catalogue (HSC)

Learn how to use the HSC to search for information relating to providers; specialties, sub-specialties, facilities, reasons for referral, search.