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The Alberta Netcare Learning Centre is an educational tool for Healthcare Providers with access to Alberta Netcare

Alberta Netcare is the name for all projects related to the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) – a secure and confidential electronic system of Alberta patient's health information. Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) is the viewer into a patient's EHR, providing key health information such as patient demographics, hospital visits, laboratory data, transcribed reports, patient event history, immunizations and drug data.    

On the Alberta Netcare Learning Centre website you will find a variety of learning materials to help you get the most out of Alberta Netcare.  The provided learning and training material is using only test data for reference and presentation of the content.  There is a navigation tab for each Alberta Netcare key topic or application. When you click on a key topic or application tab, you will get an introduction on the landing page and see the different learning material types available listed on the left navigation menu.          

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Please be aware that updates to materials in the Alberta Netcare Learning Centre are currently in progress. 

If you have any questions please contact eHealth Netcare Support Services Team  at 1-855-643-8649 or eHealthSupport@cgi.com

Types of Learning Materials

Quick References: Quick Reference documents are short 1-2 page documents that tell you step-by-step how to complete key tasks in the application. 
 User Guides: The User Guides are detailed training guides which will provide instructions on a number of different key functions in the application.
 Frequently Asked Questions: Have a question about a particular application or topic? The Frequently Asked Questions cover common questions from Alberta Netcare users.  
 eDemos: eDemos are in video format, providing visual demonstrations of how to complete key tasks in the application

New Training Materials


Learn by Role

You can also learn by role, which allows you to view all of the training materials that are relevant to your Alberta Netcare Portal User Role. Whether you are under Administration, Clinical or Pharmacy, all applicable learning material will be covered in an accessible format. This section will also cover how to easily locate your ANP User Role.