CII Clinic Testimonials

Alberta DermaSurgery Centre

 “The ability to upload consults to Netcare has been invaluable, especially the ability for physicians to have access to consults done in private clinics. Our consult Dermatology patients who come from ED referrals can now have their consults uploaded to Netcare. This is a real time saver!”

Dr Anmol Kapoor, Advanced Cardiology

“Participating in the CII initiative has been a very positive experience. There has been minimal impact to the clinical workflow as the process simply requires clicking on one button within the EMR. I believe every Specialist clinic should be a part of this initiative as it can help bridge the communication gap between Specialists, Family Physicians and other healthcare providers within the health system. Prior to CII, our clinic team would fax or mail consult letters to the primary family physician and patients. Often family physicians are attached to multiple clinics and they call asking to re-fax/mail letters to different locations. Sometimes patients call asking the clinic to mail their consult letters to other health care providers. As a result of the CII initiative, our consult letters are now available in one central location- Alberta Netcare. There is no longer a need to re-fax or mail additional copies, our information is available when it is required, with no delay. “

Park Integrative Health

“The implementation process was seamless as a result of the partnership between Alberta Health and the EMR vendor. Both organizations had the same goal, to increase community patient health encounter data in Netcare and ensure the focus was on an accurate and comprehensive patient story.  As a result of participating in CII, the Clinic Manager now reviews the sample CII CED report with the clinic team as a training model of how to standardize data entry for a precise display of community patient data in Alberta Netcare.”

Sherwood Park PCN - Pharmacist

“As a clinician, it has been very beneficial to see and evaluate what information I am supplying to Netcare for other clinicians to see.  It has helped my team re-evaluate what is clinically important and how we can summarize the information in an efficient manner for our physicians and each other.”

“From my patients’ perspective, they benefit from having a more complete picture of their heath on Netcare in emergency or acute care situations. It will also be beneficial if they don’t always see their primary care physician. I believe it is great that our PCN’s information is on there as we really haven’t seen much on Netcare in regards to other clinicians besides specialists and this should decrease the duplication of services.”

“We are still working on improving our workflow efficiencies based on some of the changes suggested in the CII project. It has made us revaluate some of our processes and the reasons behind why we should make some of the changes.”

Zoe Medical Centre Clinic - Clinic Team

“The LPR process was straightforward, clear and concise. We were worried it would slow down the clinic workflow, but there was no impact. Our patients expect us to share their health information with other professionals in their circle of care. The greatest benefit of CII is patient information continuity.”

Bow Valley Primary Care Network Chronic Pain Team

“Prior to CII, the Bow Valley Primary Care Network Chronic Pain Clinic team held multiple meetings with the local emergency department to discuss patient treatment plans and recommendations. This new approach has led to a reduction in meetings as well as improved efficiency in patient care. Being able to share information has allowed for consistent messaging and improved communication for patients. The need for storage and maintenance of paper records in binders between the clinic and the emergency department has been eliminated as the information is now electronically stored and centrally located in Netcare. Participating in CII has been a time saver for both the ER and the PCN and has resulted in improved quality of care, consistency in treatment plan implementation and improved patient outcomes.”