CII Related Weblinks

1. AMA- Alberta Patients and CII

The majority of Albertans believe that various healthcare professionals in Alberta already have access to all or some of their personal health information. However, this is not so. Alberta Health’s Community Information Integration (CII) initiative is working with community primary care physicians and community clinics to improve the continuity of care through improved information sharing. When surveyed, there is strong support among patients for a provincial system to extract and share selected patient information from family doctors with other healthcare providers. Albertans are more cautious about sharing medical information with Alberta Health for quality improvement purposes, however, when offered a detailed description of CII, over 93% of respondents support the project. 

Alberta Patients First Survey, September, 2017

2.  AMA – Doctor’s Digest 

Through CII, community-based primary care and community clinics can contribute Canadian Institute for Health Improvement (CIHI) EMR standard data, and community-based specialist reports. This data is presented in Netcare through clinically-relevant reports. Clinicians’ subjective chart notes will not be uploaded. The data is also available for secondary use, such as quality improvement and population planning and research. The Health Quality Council of Alberta will conduct an independent evaluation of the CII project.

Doctor’s Digest, September 2017

3.  AMA – Section of General Practice

The continuous flow of information is one of the most important components of quality healthcare. The benefits of continuous information flow include: time savings, duplication of tests, care gap avoidance and ultimately improved quality of care. Enhanced information exchange and access is also an essential component of the patient’s medical home. The Section of General Practice supports CII, but wants to ensure that there is a positive impact on patients and practices, and that challenges are addressed within the limited production roll out targeting early adopter clinics.

Section of General Practice, December, 2017

4.  Orion Health

Information is now flowing from early adopter primary care clinics, powered securely from a remote cloud infrastructure by Orion Health’s Software as a Service (SaaS). Data collected from community-based primary care clinics is available to over 50,000 authorized healthcare providers through Alberta Netcare. 

News Release, September, 2017