Central Patient Attachment Registry - Panels

The Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) is a key enabler for continuity of care which focuses on improving Albertans’ health through stronger ongoing relationships with their family physician/nurse practitioner (FP/NP) and team, increased information sharing, and enhanced care coordination.

CPAR works together with Community Information Integration (CII) to provide essential technology supports for the three core dimensions of continuity:

  • Relational Continuity: When patients have a longitudinal relationship with a single family physician, results are better access, better quality of care and reduced overall health care system utilization and costs.
  • Informational Continuity: When providers have access to patients’ comprehensive medical information it results in better handoffs, better communication and less duplication of care.
  • Management Continuity: When the care patients receive from different providers is connected in a coherent way, results are more effective management of chronic conditions and health problems.  

Start Contributing

1. Prepare: Work with your PCN and clinic team to meet the participation criteria for CII/CPAR, and engage your team members in the planning process. Pre-requisites include:

  • Clinic’s Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is up-to-date, reflecting your current technology and administrative practices
  • Clinic is live on Alberta Netcare
  • Paneling practices meet the AMA TOP panel readiness criteria

2. Participate: Assign key CPAR roles within your clinic. Review the materials and submit the forms in the CII/CPAR participation package and the Forms & Guides page.  Once onboarding is complete, patient panel lists will be automatically extracted from your EMR and uploaded to CPAR on a monthly basis.

3.Promote: Use the reports and information from CPAR to more effectively maintain and manage your patient panels. Share your feedback with the CII/CPAR team to help us continuously improve as well.

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