eReferral Quick Reference

The following Quick Reference documents are short 1-2 page guides that tell you, step-by-step, how to complete key tasks in the application. The following Quick References are focused on eReferral and it's main components. Hover-over a topic of interest for a brief description and click on the link to open the Quick Reference document.

Note: To save or print a PDF, select the Quick Reference and then the appropriate option from the tool bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

How to Access Referrals from the Clinical Document Tree

Covers how to view Referralsfrom the Clinical Document Tree, view folder contents and access the Referral Form.

How to Update My Details to Submit a Referral

Instructions on how to populate provider information in My Details before submitting a referral.

How to Create/ Review a Referral

An overview on how to create a referral, save a referral, complete/ submit a referral and review a referral you have created.

Create and Review Advice Request

Instructions on creating and submitting the Nephrology advice request, reviewing the request, including request for additional information.

Reasons for Referral

Listing ofthe referral categories and reasons for referral to reference when completing the Reason for Referral field.

How to Review a Referral You Created

An overview ofhow to review your referrals and manage requests for additional information by editing the referral.

How to Review Referrals for a Single Patient

Instructions on how to review referrals for a specific patient using the Clinical Document Viewer or patient search/ lists.

How to Manage My Assigned Referrals

Instructions on how to set up, manage and usetheMy Assigned Referrals windowlet located on the Homepage.

How to Manage Triage Referrals

Step-by-step instructions on how to access all triage referrals submitted to your facility. Alsocovers how to update the referral status and workflow actions available.

Manage Triage Advice Request

Instructions on how to manage triage in Triage Referrals, review and respond to an advice request, including requesting additional information.

How to Use the Health Services Catalogue (HSC)

An overview of the two main ways to interact with the HSC; information lookup and when creating a referral/advice request.