Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP)

The Provincial Provider Registry (PPR) is a Master Data Management (MDM) tool that links multiple information sources within and across Alberta health organizations. The role of the Registry is to establish a central source of accurate, current and standardized provider information within the Alberta Health Clinical systems.  PPR supports delivery of quality healthcare and effective health workforce planning by linking information for use in Alberta’s Health System and the Electronic Health Record (EHR). PPR entered production in 2009 and has been integrated with a number of Clinical systems such as CPAR (CII), PIN, eReferral, CSR, eClinician and the Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP). 

There are still many systems that host their own local provider information and these systems are not interconnected, which means it is difficult to find information and determine if it is accurate. It also forces clinicians to keep multiple systems updated with their latest information; if any one of those systems is not updated there may be a risk to patient safety. 

Provider Self-Serve Portal (PSSP) is a new secure, web-based portal for authorized healthcare providers to manage their practice information and view the contact information of other providers in the PPR. PSSP will make it easier for authorized AHS and non-AHS healthcare providers to connect with each other, share information and provide timely patient care, particularly in the event of critical test results or a public health emergency. It also provides healthcare providers with the ability to manage and edit key information about their practice.

The future vision is to establish the PPR as a central collection point for regulated healthcare providers and their delegates to manage and enter key information into PSSP, about their practice.

Physicians will be the first health professionals to use the PSSP, with other regulated healthcare providers added in future.

The PSSP is a collaborative initiative with Alberta Medical Association (AMA), College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta (CPSA), Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Alberta Health (AH).

Learning Material

A variety of learning resources have been developed to answer questions about PSSP. Visit the Learning Centre to view quick reference sheets and FAQs. 


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