AHS IAM Toolkit for Community Netcare Access Administrator(s)

AHS Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a provincial self-service system used to request access to Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) and replacing a paper-based user registration process. Community Netcare Authorized Approver(s) can use AHS IAM for managing custodian and affiliate access to Alberta Netcare via ANP. AHS IAM can be used to request or modify ANP access, including Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN), Person Directory (PD) and remote access. To learn more about AHS IAM for community users, watch this promo video.

Pre-requisite to getting AHS IAM deployed to a facility

  • Facility(s) that already have Alberta Netcare deployed and want to transition from paper User Registration Form (URF) to mange ANP access via AHS IAM.
  • Brand new facility(s) that want to manage ANP access would automatically have AHS IAM deployed. Alberta Netcare pre-requisites must be met before AHS IAM can be used. To register for ANP access click here.

Benefits of AHS IAM for Community

  • Enables a facility to manage their staff access to ANP
  • Provides Create, Modify or Delete options to mange ANP access
  • Enables easy registration for a temporary staff access to ANP (residents & locums)
  • Provides access to AHS IAM 24/7
  • Ensures daily access to AHS IAM to request access for their staff to ANP

Click here to print all the steps.

AHS IAM Learning Materials

AHS IAM learning materials are available on the Netcare Learning Centre, including Quick References and eDemos / Video Tutorials to obtain more information about the specific AHS IAM topic or workflow.

Click here to access Quick References and eDemos / Video Tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions please contact the eHealth Netcare Support Services at 1-855-643-8649 or ehealthsupport@cgi.com