Pharmacy Care Plan

Care plans play an important role in patient care, outlining a patient’s short and long term health care needs, therapy goals, and progress toward those goals.  Various types of care plans are created and maintained by all stakeholders involved in the provision of care to a patient.

Pharmacy care plans focus on the medication aspects of the patient’s health care, such as the patient’s current medical conditions and Best Possible Medication History (BPMH), Personal Representative Information,  Pharmacist and Pharmacy Information, and dates for CACP and SMMA reviews. Similar to other types of care plans, the pharmacy care plan may also include a list of other Health Care Providers, Risk Factors, Allergies and Intolerances, Lifestyle, Aids, Alerts and Other Health Care Information.

In Alberta, pharmacies connected to Netcare via real-time integration work with ‘shared’ care plans. For example a real-time integrated pharmacy downloads an existing pharmacy care plan from Netcare, makes a new version of the care plan, then sends the care plan revisions back to Netcare. Other pharmacies can then view, perform follow ups, and make other changes so the care plan for a particular patient is kept up-to-date no matter where they obtain their services within the province.

Currently in Alberta, only Pharmacy software is able to submit new and revised care plans to Netcare. For more information, pharmacists should speak to their software provider.

Beginning March 2017, care plans that were submitted by pharmacies via Real-time Integration will be viewable in the Alberta Netcare Portal as Pharmacy Care Plan reports. As pharmacies across Alberta continue to adopt Real-time Integration and share their care plans on Netcare, preparation of care plans will be simplified and streamlined, and patients will have the benefit of the most current information being shared across all care-givers.