eReferral User Guide

The eReferral User Guide provides a full end to end review of how eReferral functions within Alberta Netcare Portal. The User Guide will provide in depth descriptions on eReferral components, as well as step by step instructions on how to complete key tasks within the application.

User Guide Contents

  • eReferral Overview
  • Health Services Catalogue (HSC)
  • Setting Up the Homepage to Include Referral Information
  • Managing Referrals: Viewing Referrals in the My ReferralsList, Updating/Creating/Reviewing Referrals, Manual Referral Creation
  • Triage: Triage Referrals, Triage Letters, Review by Triage Required
  • Referral Actions: Draft Referrals, Waitlist Referrals, Defer Referral, Cancel Referral, Decline Referral, Reassign Referral
  • Request for Advice
  • Reports: Running a Report

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