CII/CPAR Participation Forms - Primary Providers

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Your clinic has now met all prerequisites to participate in the Community Information Integration (CII) and Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) initiative.   

To participate in the CII/CPAR initiative, please complete the tasks based on your clinic governance structure. 

Is there a Primary Custodian at the clinic?     YES     NO

A Primary Custodian is a custodian that has been duly authorized to sign the CII PIA endorsement letter, the pORA and any necessary updates on behalf of the other custodians at the facility/organization.  This authorization does not revoke the other custodians’ duties and powers under the Health Information Act

If you require any assistance with completing the CII/CPAR forms, please reach out to the Alberta Health eHealth Support Services Team at:  1-855-643-8649 (Toll-Free) or

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