Person Directory (PD) eDemos

eDemos provide visual demonstrations on how to complete key tasks in the application. The following eDemos are focused onPerson Directory (PD)and it's main components. Hover-over a topic of interest for a brief description and click on the link to open the eDemo.

How to Access PD Using an Open Button

Instructions on how to configure the Homepage to display an open button forPerson Directory.

How to Access PD Using Autoload

Recommended for frequent PD users. Includes instructions on how to configure the Homepage to automatically load PD every time you access the Homepage.

How to Search in Person Directory

This eDemo covers best practices for searching in PD and the three primary search fields; PHN/ULI, Last Name and Alternate ID.

How to Check Eligibility for Health Care Coverage

Instructions on how to confirm eligibility for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (ACHIP) in Person Directory.

How to Update Demographic Data

Complete a tour of the View/Update Person screens and learn how to update a person's demographic data.

Overview of Person Directory

This video demonstrates how to navigate the learning centre, the purpose of the Person Directory, user name and password and how to contact us for additional support.