Alberta Netcare eReferral was developed by clinicians, for clinicians.

eReferral leverages existing information from Alberta Netcare (such as demographics, labs, and diagnostic imaging) into a referral form that can be saved as a draft, checked for completeness and tracked in real time as it is submitted, received, triaged and scheduled for an appointment


In July 2014, eReferral launched a limited production rollout for referrals to hip and knee joint replacement surgery and routine medical/radiation oncology for breast and lung cancer. Recent evaluation of the project has determined that the program and its benefits should be expanded to include other clinical areas.

eReferral advice requests for nephrology were added October 2016. It is anticipated that the next round of clinical services offered by eReferral will include gastroenterology, urology and pulmonary, among others.

Learning Material

A variety of learning resources have been developed to support clinicians as they learn to use the eReferral system.Visit the Learning Centreto view Quick Reference sheets, eDemos, a User Guide, or access theTraining Environmentto practice using simulated patient records.