Alberta Netcare eReferral was developed by clinicians, for clinicians.     

eReferral leverages existing information from Alberta Netcare (such as demographics, labs, and diagnostic imaging) into a referral form that can be saved as a draft, checked for completeness and tracked in real time as it is submitted, received, triaged and scheduled for an appointment.       


As of June 2018, new specialties have been added to Alberta Netcare eReferral for advice requests and consult requests.

Advice requests:
• Calgary Zone – Chronic Pain, General Surgery (Breast) and Palliative Medicine 
• Central Zone – Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology and Urology
• Edmonton Zone – Infectious Disease, OBS/GYN and Urology (Paeds)
• Provincial wide (available to all Zones) – Ophthalmology (Adult and Paeds)

Consult requests:
• Edmonton Zone – Adult Gastroenterology (SHARP) and Urology at the Northern Alberta Urology Centre

Complete List of Specialties and Reason(s) for Referrals



eReferral advice requests were enabled in October 2016 for Nephrology, September 2017 for Urology (Northern Alberta Urology Centre), December 2017 for Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pulmonary Medicine and Spinal Neurosurgery and in February 2018 for AMH - Addiction Medicine - Opiate Agonist Therapy and General Internal Medicine.


A variety of learning resources have been developed to support clinicians as they learn to use the system.  Visit the Learning Centre to view Quick Reference sheets, eDemos, a User Guide, or access the Training Environment to practice using simulated patient records.