Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) Access Administrator

This page provides support to those in the CPAR Access Administrator role.  A CPAR AA is authorized by each participating provider to manage user access to CPAR as well as the setup of their panels in the Registry, to enable automated panel submissions.  Your clinic must be enrolled in CII/CPAR to use these forms.

CPAR Access Administrator (CPAR AA) Registration Form


The CPAR AA Registration form is used to manage the CPAR AA role within the clinic.  Complete and submit the CPAR Access Administrator Registration Form to:

  • Set up a new CPAR AA.
  • Amend an existing CPAR AA, or
  • Remove the CPAR AA role.

Click here to access the CPAR AA Registration Form.

If your clinic is AHS IAM enabled, CPAR AA’s can set up Panel Administrators using the on-line system.  Click the links below to access AHS IAM Quick References and eDemos.

CPAR Panel Request Form


A CPAR Panel Request form is used to create or change the panel setup in CPAR, for panel submission purposes.  Complete and submit a Panel Request form in the following situations:

  • Create a new panel is being set up for CPAR submissions for the first time
  • Amend an existing Panel, or:
  • Terminate a Panel (where the panel is no longer being managed by the clinic, or the medical practice is closing down)

Click here to access the CPAR Panel Request Form



CPAR Panel Administrator (CPAR PA) Registration Form


A CPAR PA Registration form is used to register Panel Administrators who are granted access to authorized panels in the CPAR application and access reports for panel data submissions.

  • Create a new CPAR PA account.
  •  Amend an existing PA account (e.g. add/remove panel assignments to an existing CPAR PA account, or:
  • Terminate a CPAR PA account the panel is no longer being managed by the clinic, or the medical practice is closing down.

Click here to access the CPAR Panel Administrator Registration Form. 

Click here to access Quick References for CPAR Users.


CPAR Access Administrator Guide


Click here to refer to the CPAR Access Administrator Guide for more information and instructions.