AHS IAM Quick References for CPAR

The followingQuick Reference documentsare short 1-2 pageguides that tell you, step-by-step, how to complete key tasks in the application. The followingQuick Referencesare focused on CPAR and its main components. Hover-over a topic of interest for a brief description and click on the link to open the Quick Reference document.

Logging into AHS IAM

Instructions for CPAR AA's logging into AHS IAM to provision CPAR users.

Setting up a Panel Administrator

Request CPAR access for a user at the facility.

Checking Request Status

Check AHS IAM for the status of a request made for a CPAR user.

Modifying or Removing CPAR Access

Change or remove a CPAR user's access

Updating Remote Access

Update remote access for an existing CPAR user.