Immunizations Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data coming from?

Imm/ARI is the largest collection of province-wide immunization data currently available. It includes immunizations from AHS public health locations and publicly funded influenza vaccines from community pharmacies. Private immunizations are not included at this time.

What data is available?

The immunization viewer contains the following data:
  • Vaccine Code
  • Immunization Date
  • Estimate Date
  • Age at Immunization
  • Immunization Alert
  • Adverse Reaction
  • Region of Service / Delivery Management Site
  • Patient Reported

Who can access the records?

Users require an Alberta Netcare permission level of Clinical 1, 2, 4, 5, or Pharmacy 2, to view immunization records. Users that do not have this level of access will have to submit an amend request to modify their account permission level.

How do I access the records?

The immunization icon is located at the top right hand side of the screen next to the Pharmaceutical Information or PIN icon.

Click on the icon and the immunization viewer will display the immunizations available for the current patient.