Learn by Role

The purpose of this self-directed Learn by Role toolkit is to provide you with practice in accessing a patients Electronic Health Record (EHR) via the ANP Training Environment. The Training Environment allows you to practice tasks before working in the LIVE production environment. The toolkit is specifically designed for each role in ANP and will take you only 5-10 min to complete.

There are three major ANP User Roles with related levels that have differing access permissions:

  • Administration: Admin 1 to Admin 6
  • Clinical: Clinical 1 to 5 and Clinical 7 to 12
  • Pharmacy: Pharmacy 2, Pharmacy 4 & 5

Certain User Roles are restricted to specific professions. For example: Pharmacy 2 is only available to pharmacists. Some of the User Roles listed below have examples of common professions that the user with that access would have in Alberta Netcare Portal. User Role assignment must adhere to the Health Information Act (HIA), Information Exchange Protocol (IEP) rules, and be based on the job the user is doing for the custodian.

How to Locate Your ANP User Role

Your Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) User Role defines your permission level. If you don't know your User Role:

  1. Log in to Alberta Netcare Portal.
  2. In the Menu Bar, located on the left side of the screen, click Common, and then click My Details.
  3. Look in the Roles I perform section in the upper left corner to identify your ANP User Role.