Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) Quick Reference

The followingQuick Reference documentsare short 1-2 pageguides that tell you, step-by-step, how to complete key tasks in the application. The followingQuick Referencesare focused on Alberta Netcare Portal and it's main components. Hover-over a topic of interest for a brief description and click on the link to open the Quick Reference document.

How to Use Flowsheets:

Instructions on how to view, search and print lab results, as well as create favourite searches.

How to Configure and Navigate the Homepage

An overview of the Homepage describing key functions and configuration details.

How to Customize User Preferences

Instructions on how to customize Alberta Netcare Portal preference settings to best reflect your workflow.

How to Locate a Patient's EHR

Instructions on how to locate a patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR) using different methods within Alberta Netcare Portal.

How to Easily Access Specific Patients

Instructions on how to create and managea favourite search, use Recent Patientsand how to select a patient from a customized worklist.

How to Customize and Navigate the Clinical Document Viewer

Instructions on how tocustomize and navigatea patient's EHR using Alberta Netcare Portal's Clinical Document Viewer.

How to Navigate the Medication Profile

A navigation guide to the Clinical Document Viewer's Medication Profile. Alsocovers troubleshooting topics and Medprofile Viewer Report.

How to View Patient Demographic Information

How to access a patient's demographic information and view eligibility for coverage with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP).

How to View and Print a Single Clinical Document

Instructions on how to view and print a single clinical document, along with document icon descriptions.

How to View/ Print/ Chart a Cumulative Result

Instructions on how to to view, print and chart a cumulative lab result using the graph feature.

How to View Patient Event History

Instructions on how to access and view the patient event history within a patient's EHR.

How to View Patient Immunization History

Instructions on how to access and view the patientimmunization history within a patient's EHR.

How to Message Alberta Netcare Portal Users

Instructions on how to use Alberta Netcare Portal's messaging feature to securely communicate with other Alberta Netcare Portal users.

Alberta Netcare Portal Help Services

Instructions on how to access; help textwithin ANP, help desk contact numbers, the Training Environment and the Alberta Netcare Learning Centre.