Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Alberta Netcare Portal? Browse the Alberta Netcare Portal Frequently Asked Questions below. Select a topic below and click on it to show all relevant FAQs to the topic. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for below, review the ANP Quick Reference documents or the ANP landing page.


What is Alberta Netcare?

Alberta Netcare is the name for all the projects related to the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) — a secure and confidential electronic system of Alberta patients' health information.

What information is in Alberta Netcare Portal?

More and more provincial and regional patient data is becoming available via Alberta Netcare Portal, including:
  • Patient demographics
  • Drug data (prescriptions, dispense information, allergies & intolerances)
  • Lab data
  • Diagnostic Imaging data
  • Transcribed Reports
  • Patient Event History

When new sources of data become available, a Data Availability Table is updated. You will find the most recent Data Availability Table located on the Alberta Netcare Portal login page under the General Information tab.

What are my privacy and confidentiality responsibilities when using Alberta Netcare Portal?

Anything done under YOUR user name and password is your responsibility. It is important to ONLY access the patient data you need to complete your job; you should not access your family, friends, coworkers, neighbours or even your own data.

When you do access patient data, keep this information confidential.

The system is audited randomly and routinely by AH and your work site can also request an audit. Breech of confidentiality policies will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and/or large fines for staff.

For more information on Privacy and Security in Alberta Netcare Portal, access the Privacy & Security page.

How do I know which access to use: AHS or Community?

When your Alberta Netcare Portal User Registration Form was submitted, the site you work at was designated as either an AHS facility or a community site. The general guidelines are:
  • AHS Site: A facility such as a hospital or the Alberta Cancer Board where users have access to Alberta Netcare Portal via the AHS secure network, which is considered a trusted zone.
  • Community Site: A facility such as a physician office, clinic or pharmacy that is not part of the AHS secure network. Users at these sites access Alberta Netcare Portal using the public internet, which is considered an untrusted zone. These users must use a token (an additional layer of security) to access ANP.

Are there tools to help me find my way around Alberta Netcare Portal?

  • Alberta Netcare Learning Centre - Quick Reference documents provide step-by-step directions on how to use specific functions. Select the subject you are interested in (PIN, PD, DI, etc.) and click Quick Reference on the side navigation menu. The Learning Centre also contains FAQs and eDemos.
  • Online Help – Available from within the Alberta Netcare Portal application by clicking the Help icon in the ANP Menu Bar. Read the “Using Help” page first!
  • Training Environment - A safe place where you can practice before you go into the live version of Alberta Netcare Portal. Access the Training Environment from the link on the Alberta Netcare Portal login page.

Logging In

How do I access Alberta Netcare Portal?

Alberta Netcare Portal is launched via your web browser. The URL you use depends on whether you are accessing Alberta Netcare Portal from an AHS or community site.
  • To launch Alberta Netcare Portal from an AHS site, type the URL in the address field of your web browser.
  • To launch Alberta Netcare portal from a community site, type the URL in the address field of your web browser. You will get the Remote Access login page. Enter your SecurID user name (typically your first and last name with no spaces and all lowercase, such as marysimpson OR your first initial and the first six characters of your last name, such as msimpso) and passcode (PIN + the number on your remote access token) and click the login button. Launch ANP by clicking on the ANP icon.

For more information on accessing Alberta Netcare Portal, visit the Access page.

How do I log in to Alberta Netcare Portal?

  1. Type your Alberta Netcare Portal UserID (your first and last name with no spaces and all in lowercase) and your password.
  2. Click the Login button. If you access ANP from more than one facility, you will be prompted to select your current facility from a drop-down list and click OK. The Homepage is displayed.

Why do I see a Facility Selection box when I log in?

If you access ANP from more than one site (for example, if you work at two different clinics, or you move around between pharmacy chain outlets), you will be prompted to select the facility in which you are currently working from a drop-down list, then click OK. If your facility is not listed or you need to delete a facility that you no longer work at, contact your Access Administrator.

What do I do if I see a “Session timeout” message when trying to access the Alberta Netcare Portal login page using a token?

Try the following solution:
  1. Click Tools in the Internet Explorer menu bar.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. In the “Browsing history” section of the General tab, click Settings.
  4. Under “Temporary internet files” click the Delete Cookies button.
  5. Click OK on the Delete Cookies pop-up box.
  6. Close your browser.
  7. Wait a few minutes.
  8. Open your browser and try to log in again.
If this does not rectify the problem, contact the Provincial Help Desk.


What is the Alberta Health password standard?

Your Alberta Netcare Portal UserID establishes your identity; your password validates that you are who you say you are. All passwords must meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum length of 8 characters
  • Must include a combonation of 3 of the following:
    • Alpha-upper case (ie/ ABCDE)
    • Alpha-lower case (ie/ fghij)
    • Numeric (ie/ 12345)
    • Special characters (ie/ @#$%&; do not use underscore “_”)
  • Must not contain your userID or full name
  • Will expire after 120 days
  • Cannot be used for 13 iterations
  • A minimum of 5 invalid logins are allowed before being locked out of your account. Call the  Alberta Netcare Provincial Help Desk to reset your password.

Visit the Password page under Access for more information on password standards.

When do I need to change my Alberta Netcare passwords?

Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) prompts you to change your password every 120 days.


Alberta Netcare Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications such as Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN) and Person Directory (PD) prompt you to change your password every 120 days.

If you feel your password has been comprimised, reset your password immediately.

How do I change my Alberta Netcare Portal password?

You may be prompted to change your ANP password, if it has expired. You may also change your password before the 120 day limit, especially if you think it has been compromised.
  1. Click Common in the menu bar and select My Details.
  2. Click the Change password button at the top of the screen.
  3. Type your Old Password and the New Password you want to change it to, then enter the new password again in the Confirm New Password field. Click the Change Password button.

How do I change my expired PIN/PD password?

Your PIN/ PD password must be changed every 120 days.
  1. Open PIN or PD.  The Change Password Dialogue box will display if your password has expired.

  2. The user ID and Old Password fields are pre-populated.

  3. Type and confirm your new password. Ensure that it incorporates the AH password security criteria (link).

  4. Return to My Details in ANP to synchronize your PIN/ PD password with your ANP login password.

  5. Scroll down until you see your UserID in the PIN/ PD UserID field.

  6. Type your new password in the PIN/ PD Password field.

  7. Click Change Password. Your password is now changed and connected to ANP.

If your password is not accepted, a pop-up box informs you to try again.

How do I synchronize my PIN/PD and Alberta Netcare Portal passwords?

You can configure the system to synchronize your PIN / PD password with your Alberta Netcare Portal password.  Visit the Password page under ANP to get step-by-stop directions on how to synchronize your passwords.

Configuring the Homepage

How do customize my Homepage?

You can customize your Homepage to display a number of viewing areas called “windowlets.” These windowlets can be configured to display various types of information, as selected by each user. For more information on creating and configuring windowlets, go to the Configure & Navigate the Homepage ANP Quick Reference document.

How do I display the Patient Search screen on my Homepage?

To display the Patient Search screen on your Homepage using viewing areas (windowlets):
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Homepage and click the Configure Layout button.
  2. In the windowlet where you want your patient search screen to display, click the drop-down arrow and choose Search for a Patient.
  3. Click Update Layout.

How do I display the Patient Search screen using the Menu Bar?

  1. Click Searches in the menu bar.
  2. Click Search for a patient.
  3. The search screen is displayed. Search by patient name or identifier in the search criteria area, and then click the Search button. Patients matching your search criteria are listed in the search results area.
  4. Click the patient’s name to open the patient’s health record.

How do I display a list of patients I recently viewed on my Homepage?

A list of recently viewed patients is called Recent Patients. To configure a viewing area (windowlet) on your Homepage to display the Recent Patients list:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Homepage and click the Configure Layout button.
  2. In the windowlet you want to configure, click the drop-down arrow to reveal a list of configuration options. Select Recent Patients.
  3. Click either: New Section to the Right or New Section Below, depending on where you want the windowlet located on your Homepage.
  4. Click Update Layout. Your Homepage now displays Recent Patients.

How do I display a list of patients I have recently viewed using the Menu Bar?

You can display a list of 50 patients you recently viewed by using a patient list called Recent Patients. To access Recent Patients from the Menu Bar:
  1. Click Favourites in the menu bar.
  2. Click Recent Patients.
  3. Click on the patient’s name to open the patient’s record.

Searching for a Patient

What are best practices when searching for a patient?

  1. Start with an identifier. The Identifier Type drop-down menu provides a number of different options (may be a PHN/ULI, AHS Medical Record Number (MRN), provincial health care number or federal identifier). This is the search criteria most likely to result in a “hit” or “best match". The “-” is not required.
  2. Complete patient demographic information, type the patient’s first and last name, DOB and gender.

Refer to the How to Locate a Patient's EHR Quick Reference document for further information.

How do I create "Favourite" patient searches?

The “Favourites” search function allows you to create a drop-down menu of patients whose record you access on a regular basis.

 To Create a "Favourite" Patient Search:

  1. Ensure you are displaying the Search for a patient screen.
  2. Type in the search criteria (name or identifier) for the patient you want to add.
  3. Click on the Enter a new favourite search field and enter a name for this search.
  4. Click the + button beside the name of the new search. Your patient is now added to your newly created favourite search.

For further information on how to manage a Favourite Search, review the ANP Quick Reference document, How to Easily Access Patients in ANP.

Viewing Clinical Documents

How do I view only my patient’s RECENT clinical documents?

The default display of this information is Limited Documents. The most recent 100 records/ folder or the last two years of data (whichever is less) is displayed. Click the Limited Documents icon in the Context Menu.

How do I view ALL my patient’s clinical documents?

One way to display all available patient records in the Clinical Document Tree, is to Click the All Documents icon in the Context Menu.

Logging Out

How do I log out of Alberta Netcare Portal?

It is important to log out of your Alberta Netcare Portal session to prevent others from accessing health information using your security credentials.
  1. Click the Logout button at the top of the menu bar on the left.
  2. Close your web browser.

When does Alberta Netcare Portal time out?

Alberta Netcare Portal automatically times out after 30 minutes of inactivity (this can be changed to a shorter or longer timeframe). You must log back in before you can resume your work.
  • The Logout button counts down your last five minutes before it times out.
  • During the last minute the taskbar button flashes and a dialogue box displays on the screen.
  • Cancel the countdown at any time by either clicking the Cancel button in the dialogue box or initiating any Alberta Netcare Portal activity.

How do I change the time out interval?

The default Inactivity Timeout setting is 30 minutes. To change this setting:
  1. Click Common in the menu bar and then click My Details.
  2. Locate Inactivity Timeout and click the drop-down menu to choose the desired time interval.
  3. Click Update Preferences to complete the change.