Provincial Organization Registry (POR)

The Provincial Organization Registry (POR) is a web-based application used to retain information on organizations that are of interest to the health system within the province of Alberta. POR ensures a common definition of organizations is used across all systems in the province to support reporting functions, identifier resolution and to eliminate conflicting terminology and usage. The application allows users use the registry to search, view, add, update and download organization information.

The Provincial Organization Registry:

  • Is used by other systems to validate and retrieve definitive information of the organizations that are responsible for the delivery of service events.
  • Provides a consistent provincewide identifier for registered organizations which can be cross-referenced to identifiers used in other systems.
  • Provides organization management services ensuring that the most current organization information and identifiers are available to all consumers within the health system in Alberta.
  • Serves as a small, compact, rapid and highly available source of organization data.
  • Supports the secure access through authorization and authentication of all healthcare providers accessing Alberta Netcare Electronic Health Record (EHR).

POR Online Help

The Provincial Organization Registry has an Online Help function within the application. If you encounter an issue or have a question, click the Help link located on the top right corner of every page. This will open a separate help page displaying all help documentation specific to that page.

Additional Help Files

Access additional help files regarding the Provincial Organization Registry application by clicking on the Additional Help Files link at the top right corner of any Help page with POR. Additional Help Files include:

  • POR Data and Business Process Manual
  • POR User Guide
  • POR Data Submission Specifications
  • POR IAM User Access Guide
  • POR Release Notes

POR User Guide

The User Guide provides a general overview and instructions for the Provincial Organization Registry (POR) application.

To access the POR User Guide directly from the application follow these directions:

  1. Within Alberta Netcare Portal's Searches menu, open the Delivery Site Registry (DSR).
  2. Click on Help, located on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Additional Help Files, located on the top right corner of the Help page.
  4. Select POR User Manual.

Refer to the POR Data and Business Process Manual for more information related to business processes, datafield descriptions, business rules and best practices. Access the process manual through the Online Help function within POR.

Provincial Organization Registry Definitions


A Consumer is a role that all POR users perform. Consumers can view all the information for organizations with one exception: organizations that have ended with an end reason of ‘Added in Error’ are not visible.


An Organization is a recognized entity, which pursues collective goals, that has interactions of interest to the health system in Alberta.

The following organization information is stored in the registry:

  • Status of the organization (e.g. Active and Inactive)
  • Names (e.g. Legal, Trading/Operating, Alias)
  • Contact Information (e.g. Contact Type, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Toll-Free Numbers, email address, and web address)
  • Business Categories
  • Relationships with other organizations
  • Notes
  • Alternate Identifiers

The Organization Business Category is a key attribute of an organization. Organization Business Categories are values that Organization Data Sources can attach to organizations in order to describe each organization’s relevance to their own business area. Over time, the set of Organization Business Categories assigned to an organization by the various business areas will collectively provide a good description of the organization’s interactions with the overall health system.

Primary Data Source

A Primary Data Source is a role given to specific qualified POR users to act as a source-of-truth for organizations.

The Source-of-Truth is a person or an organization having the authority, responsibility, and accountability of maintaining correct information about the organizations that they have an interest in.