Alberta Netcare Portal Release - June 13, 2019

A new release of the Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) is planned for June 13, 2019. Intended to address clinicians’ feedback post November 2018 ANP upgrade, enhancements included in this release will enable users to:

1)      Customize the Flowsheet/Cumulative Tooltip

2)      Enhance CDV Tree display

3)      Customize CDV Tree Tooltip preferences

The Release Notes document provides a detailed outline of the June 13, 2019 ANP release.

For instructions on how to customize your ANP preference settings please view the Customize User Preferences Quick Reference. Customization settings relevant to this release can be found on pages 1 and 4.

Alberta Netcare Portal Upgrade Announcement - November 29, 2018

A change to the look of Alberta Netcare Portal (ANP) is planned for November 29, 2018. Although the new ANP may appear to look quite different, the key functionality that you are currently using will remain the same. Several documents and videos have been created to prepare you in using the new system.

For a quick overview:

For more detailed information:

For updated learning materials: